Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maternity Photos and Contractions

A few weeks ago a young man in our church who is in college did some maternity photos for us and he finally sent them to me and I think they turned out so good! I would have loved to have done some pictures outside, especially since we have had such a mild winter, but of course the day that we got together for the photo shoot it was like 20 degrees outside so we just opted to do them in our house, most of them we did in the nursery. Here are my favorite shots:

My two monitoring appts a week have been going well. The Dr. says I have lots of fluid and Jacqueline always looks great on the ultrasound and her heart rate and movements are always good on the monitor too. I did get some good news on Monday, up until this point in my pregnancy I have never felt a contraction. But Monday when I got up I felt sore and kinda crampy, it kinda felt like I was gonna start my period or like I needed to use the bathroom but nothing was happening. So I went in for my monitoring appt. and I mentioned how I was feeling to my Dr. and she was like, "ooh, lets get you hooked up to the monitor, sounds like you're having contractions." Sure enough when she hooked me up I was having contractions, of course they were irregular, they were like every 10 mins and then I would go 30 mins without having one, but I was just soo glad that my body was actually doing something! My Dr. is hoping in the next few weeks they will become more regular and that I'll just go into labor on my own, which would make me so happy because I really do not want to be induced if I can help it. I can't believe that tomorrow I will be 35 weeks pregnant, only a few more weeks to go. Please keep us in your prayers, I am really starting to get nervous about what labor will be like!