Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our first year as parents

I wanted to do a post to just kinda update everyone on how our past year has been. Becoming parents has been the best thing that has ever happened to us, we love Jackie so very much! She will be 1 in 2 weeks and she has been walking since she turned 11 months old, we are so proud! So here's some highlights from this year...
Here Jackie was at just 3 weeks old! She was so tiny, it was like holding a baby doll.

Jackie all dressed up for church on Easter sunday
My first mother's day :)
Jackie dressed up for her baby dedication at church, what a special day that was for Roger and I!
Then here Jackie is dressed up for Christmas! I have sooo many more pics from this past year, but for some reason blogger will only let me upload this many. I will definitley have to do another post with more pics. This year has gone by so fast, everyday now Jackie learns something new, from saying a new word, to standing up with out using anything to help, it's just amazing. I absolutely cannot wait for her first birthday party in two weeks, we decided to do a "diva" theme, with zebra stripes and hot pink. I made her a little outfit with a tutu and everything. The only thing I don't have yet is a good punch recipe that is also hot pink in color, does anybody have any recipes for a really good punch?

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