Saturday, July 6, 2013

Almost there!

Hi everyone! Again I am so sorry for not being able to stop in and give updates more often. As of right now we still do not have internet in our apartment because we are just trying to cut down on monthly expenses and we just decided we can live without having the internet for right now. Here are some updates!

~I am 35 weeks pregnant! This time pregnancy has just flown by, I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I am so busy all day long with chasing my 16 month old daughter around, lol! We decided to name our son Levi, which I have always loved that name! I have been seeing both my ob dr and my high risk dr weekly now since about 32 weeks. I'm still just on metformin and glyburide to control my blood sugars, and I have only gained about 10lbs, but I look way more pregnant that I ever did with Jackie! My blood pressures are still doing good but I am having trouble with headaches and swelling so my high risk dr is keeping a very close eye on me. I was in the hospital with pre-eclampsia with Jackie at 36 weeks and then I was induced at 37 weeks, so hopefully that does not happen this time. I can't believe that I may only have 2 weeks until Levi is here and at the most only 4 weeks before I will be induced!

~Jackie is 16 months old and she is just so much fun at this age! She is talking more and more everyday, and she is miss independent! Her favorite toy right now is her baby doll and it is so adorable to watch her feed her baby doll a bottle, burp it and try to change it's diaper, I only hope she is as sweet to her little brother when he comes, lol!

~About 2 weeks ago my family had us a baby shower. At first I wasn't going to have one because I didn't think you were supposed to have one for your second child. But everyone in my family insisted that since we were having a boy this time that it was perfectly acceptable to have another baby shower, so of course I was thrilled to be having another shower. My family was so generous like always and we got tons and tons of baby clothes, diapers, and wipes, etc. Then my husband's work had us with a baby shower as well! I was so shocked because they even made sure that I was able to make it. Between my family and Roger's co-workers Levi's room is packed full of clothes and gifts, lol,  I have 3 bath tubs for him! I have been trying slowly to go through everything and get everything washed and put away, it's been really overwhelming, but I am so thankful that once again Roger and I didn't have to buy anything for our baby boy, God made sure to provide us with everything we need plus extra.

I am loving life as a stay at home mom, I do not miss working 12-13 hours a day Monday-Friday at all. Sometimes I do miss the extra money we used to have but honestly just getting to see my daughter every single day and hearing her say mama and all the kisses and hugs she gives me makes it all worth it.

I absolutely cannot wait to meet Levi! I can't wait to see my husband and Jackie with him, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! At my 6 week post-partum check up though, Roger and I have decided I am going to go on birth control for about 6 months because I intend to stay on metformin after I deliver to hopefully help my milk supply. With Jackie I was only able to breastfeed for about a month, and I couldn't breastfeed exclusively, I would barely get 2 ounces each time I would pump. So I'm hoping since this time I've been on metformin my entire pregnancy that my milk supply will be a lot more, but we will see. So I definitely need some birth control because apparently metformin makes me super fertile, and I would like to take about a year to lose weight and get healthy before trying for baby #3.

Well, I think that is about it for updates! The next time I check in will be to announce Levi's birth :) please keep us in your prayers!

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