Monday, January 16, 2012

Can't wait for this weekend!

I've had such a good Monday, but that's only because I actually ended up with a surprise day off, and it's been awesome! I love when there's a holiday that I don't have listed as off in my contract but all of my day care parents have off and then they just decide to keep their kiddos home too. The only thing about days like this is that none of my day care parents ever call me and let me know there not coming, so I get up as usual and then I usually figure out by like 9am that, " ooh, today must be some sort of holiday, yay, I have a day to myself!" I actually got alot of much needed cleaning done, I scrubbed the upstairs bathroom and  I scrubbed the kitchen down, everything from the fridge, to the stove, the microwave, our kitchen is finally spotless. Now to just keep it that way at least until Saturday because we are having a ton of people over for my first baby shower :)!
My older sister, Misty, is throwing this shower for me which will mostly just be family coming to this one, but I do have a huge family and since Roger only has his Mom and Brother we decided to throw like a co-ed shower so there are gonna be tons of people jammed into our little townhouse. I still can't believe that this is going to be my baby shower, I haven't been to many baby showers in the last few years just because of how sad and heartbreaking they were for me, I truly never thought it would be my turn to celebrate such a precious gift. We have revival at our church this week with evanglelist Dean McNeese who used to be my Pastor's Pastor, he is an amazing preacher. Yesterday he preached on looking back and seeing where God has brought you from and look at where God has you now and hasn't God been good? Then our youth choir sang this song and it's been on my mind all day long! God has been so good to us!

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