Monday, January 23, 2012

My 1st Baby Shower and lots and lots of Dr. appts

Sorry this is such a long post!
Last Saturday was my 1st baby shower that my older sister Misty threw for us and it was truly amazing, Roger and I are so touched by all the support and love we got from family and friends who came to celebrate our little miracle on the way. I'm so glad that we had such a good turn out because of course it had to snow on the morning of our shower and it has not really snowed all year thus far so I was totally stressed out that no one was gonna come. Luckily though everyone came and we all had the best time together eating and laughing and thanking God for our miracle. Misty even made me a sugar-free cake in the shape of a lady bug (Jacqueline's room theme is lady bugs,) it was so cute and tasted even better! With having a home day care I luckily have alot of baby stuff already but we did need some bigger things and I felt like such a burden asking for some things that were a little more expensive, but my family is so excited over this little girl that they bought us basically everything we needed, we are so thankful to them. To list everything we got would take forever lol but my top three favorite things that we got for Jacqueline are:
  1. Pam Grace Lady Bug Lucy 10 Piece Nursery-in-a-bag Set. This set is so cute and it matches the green, pink and brown color scheme we are doing in the nursery. It comes with a mobile, all the bedding stuff (I won't be using the bumper pads though), a matching valance, a diaper stacker, and wall decorations. Basically everything you need to decorate a nursery!
  2. Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor. This monitor is amazing! With being a home day care provider I have taken many, many classes about SIDS and how to prevent SIDS and I am so thankful to have this monitor. Roger and I are also getting ready to renew our CPR certification because I know there is no way to stop SIDS from happening but having a monitor that will sound an alarm if my baby stops breathing will give us the best chance to start CPR as quickly as possible, which may save her life, if God forbid something like that were to happen. And this will definitely help Roger and I get more quality sleep!
  3. Tons and Tons of adorable baby clothes and big flower hand bands. I simply cannot wait for my little girl to get here so I can dress her up and put a huge flower head band on her, what's more fun than that? lol
Here are some pics from Saturday:

Thanks again to all our wonderful family and friends!
Please keep Jacqueline and I in your prayers, since I have gestational diabetes and I am now 32 weeks pregnant I have started to see my OB Dr. 2 times a week until I deliver to have monitoring appts. Twice a week I get hooked up to the monitors to check Jacqueline's heartbeat and to make sure I'm not contracting and once a week during a monitoring appt I get an ultrasound to check my fluid levels. So far everything has looked great! I love seeing my baby girl on the ultrasound, she is finally head down, which I hope she stays that way and last week we got a really good look at her little face, we could definitely tell she has put on weight, her little cheeks were looking chubby! My Dr. was telling me today that she believes that I am diabetic outside of pregnancy as well which I just don't understand because the fertility clinic I was going to checked me for diabetes before I started treatment and my glucose levels were fine. She told me she is hoping that once I deliver that I will be one of the luckily ones that controls my diabetes with just diet and exercise. My Dr. said though that she is very proud of me because I have done very well controlling my sugars during this pregnancy and I am actually down 15lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Once Jacqueline is born I am definitely going to continue with my diet and losing weight because I don't want to be 25 and on meds for diabetes, I gotta get healthy once and for all!

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  1. I'm glad you had faith and hung in there. Nice pics and nice presents for your baby shower. Good luck for your upcoming birth!