Tuesday, January 10, 2012


           I have been starting to nest now for a few weeks and I just feel like my house is never gonna be clean enough, lol! I am so thankful for the husband that I have who tries to understand me and he is just so laid back he never argues with me he just does what I ask and doesn't say a word.
          I am happy to say that Jacqueline's nursery is almost done, we are just waiting for our baby shower because my mom and dad are buying the bedding set I want for her room, so once we have that, her room will be perfect! We decided to paint her walls a really pretty light green and we are doing pink and brown as accent colors and all her bedding stuff is lady bugs! It's gonna be so cute when it's done.
         As for the rest of the house there is still alot of cleaning and organizing I want to do. I had the last week off in December and my plan was to take a room each day and clean it and organize it, but all I ended up doing was watching a ton of movies and shows on our instant netflix, lol. Which don't get me wrong, I really needed the break! So I have been trying to slowly organize the house on the weekends, which it's getting done but not as fast as I would like to especially since we are gonna be busy every Saturday from now until Mid-February! Oh well. But we did get our 2 bathrooms in our house nice and organized and cleaned, lol, I always say we, but what I mean to say is my husband did all the work and I just supervised, haha. I am a home day care provider to 4 boys and I really love my job and I love the kids I watch and all of their parents are very generous to me and they all gave me wonderful gifts for Christmas, among the gifts was a few hundred dollars for a bonus, so my husband and I decided to redecorate the bathrooms with the money, and they turned out soo good! I have always hated our bathrooms ever since we moved into our townhouse and I could not wait for the day that we could afford to redo them! So we chose to paint the walls in a really pretty light yellow called Gold Buttercup, then I found a cute new shower curtain on Walmart.com from better homes and gardens that is black and white with a floral pattern that goes perfectly with the yellow. We decided to accent with lavender colors which is just gorgeous and I finally found an affordable over the toilet storage unit for $29 on walmart.com that actually has cabinets. Then I just added a new black bathroom rug and tooth brush holder and wow what a difference in each room! I love that we were able to redecorate two bathrooms for such little money, so at least that's 2 less things I have to do!


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